Shopping Bags

Custom Printed Compostable Shopping Bags

Leave a positive impression on your customers and the environment!

Stay In Fashion and In Compliance

Eco friendly bags are chic as well as the law. Many countries and US municipalities are beginning to restrict the use of plastic shopping bags. Our Biodegradable Bags and Re-usable Shopping Bags can be custom printed to your specifications.

All items are fully compostable, renewable and made from Mater-Bi, vegetable starch bioplastic resin.

Compostable bags use less energy to produce that traditional plastics, fully degrade in 10-45 days in a commercial compost facility, and degrade in salt and fresh water in 8-14 months.

Perfect for large volume users

Retail – Food Service – Promotions – Other

Elevate your brand with Custom Printed BioPlastic Bags

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Features & Benefits:

  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable
  • Made from Mater-Bi
  • ASTM 6400 Certified
  • BPI Certified

  • Full Color Printing
  • Soy Based Inks
  • GMO Free
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Multiple Types
  • Review “How to Order” page for details
  • All terms and pricing subject to change

Item# Description Case Count Inner Pack # of Colors Minimum Order
BFC-001 Compostable Produce
Bag – Translucent, 4-rolls per case
1000 12/4 1-2 48 cases
BFC-120 Grip Hole Bag #1
(mounted on 2-hole block tear-off)- Compostable
1000 10/12 1-2 54 cases
BFC-220 Grip Hole Bag #2
(Flat Bag, no gusset) – "police" image above-Compostable
700 10/5 1-4 50 cases
BFC-320 Bag 4 Life –
Reusable Shopper (6" bottom gusset)-Compostable
500 10/5 photo quality 50 cases
BFC-420 7 gal T-shirt
Handle Bag (5" side gusset)-Compostable
500 10/12 1-4 50 cases
BFC-540 10 gal T-shirt
Handle Bag ( 5" side gussets)- Compostable
700 10/12 1-4 58 cases