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Complete the Cycle

Born From Corn is dedicated to helping companies leave a positive impression by reducing the impact of consumption by promoting our 4 R’s of sustainability:





All of our products offer sustainable alternatives and can be custom branded.

Our goal is to decrease waste and the consumption of non-renewable resources. We promote reusable alternatives first and when this is not an option, the use of eco-friendly disposables that seamlessly replace detrimental ones at without requiring drastic changes in behavior.

We live in a consumption driven on-the-go culture of convenience where take out meals, morning lattes and inexpensive groceries are the norm. We expect convenient access to everything- clean, fast and cheap.

Our challenge is that everything must be transported- in a container or package- and much of it is used quickly ending up in landfills. The manufacturing of these articles requires resources- energy, water, trees, plastics/oil, harmful chemicals and many other materials which can have a negative impact on our environment.

Now that “Green” is hip, we love seeing people using reusable vessels; however, that this isn’t always a possible. Like it or not, disposables are here to stay and we want to minimize their effect on our environment.

We do this by ensuring that our products are manufactured in a socially and environmentally responsible fashion, and using sustainable and renewable materials such as Bio-plastics, Bio-mass, recycled paper, and other sustainable materials wherever possible.

Most products can be recovered responsibly- recycled and/or composted. Completing the cycle…from cradle to grave.

Let’s work together to lead the world into an era of efficiency and sustainably.

Complete the Cycle